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My typewriter is cooler than your typewriter

A few months ago, a friend sent me a link to something she had seen on fab.com that she thought I would like: a vintage typewriter that had been painted in fun, funky colors.

the inspiration

She was right. I. Loved. It. Wanted it. But holy crap, it was something like $400. I make impulse purchases like nobody’s business, but they’re usually in the neighborhood of $30 max. I don’t really have four hundred clams to drop on an interesting knick-knack.

Light bulb. How hard could it be to make something like that? Step one, procure vintage typewriter. Step two, make it look awesome. Shut up, stop laughing. I know I’m not the most crafty or artistic person in the world. But I have friends who are, and surely one of them could tell me what kind of paint to use and maybe help me with the execution.

I mentioned the project to my friend Jon (who for some reason doesn’t get a fake name – probably because he only does good things and doesn’t need protection), one of the people who I thought might be able to make recommendations. First words out of his mouth: “I have a typewriter you can have.” I’m sorry, what? Who just happens to have a spare retro typewriter? Jon, that’s who. He sent a picture to see if it was to my liking, and it was perfect.


Not long after that, before I had a chance to pick it up, he mentioned to me that he’d started painting it. Shut the front door! Once again, more than I bargained for, and not at all what I’d been expecting or angling for – I truly just wanted his artistic input. But knowing full well that it would turn out far better in his hands than in mine, I simply waited.

A few weeks ago I got a text that it was ready. WOOOOO, I couldn’t wait to see it!!!! And holy cats, it’s freakin’ awesome. He went to town, not just on the typewriter itself, but on the case, so much so that I have to display it in its entirety.  (On my antique card catalog, in case you can’t tell.) Here, see for yourself, and envy me. 😉


Case, closed

Rear of case – duh.

Big fat shout out of thanks to Jon, for the amazeballs too-cool-to-be-called-a-knick-knack objet d’art.  MWAH!



Busy, busy, busy, busy.

That’s how I feel right now.

Busy with work.
Busy with friends.
Busy with normal life stuff like forgetting every day this week to buy more milk
Busy with yoga and zumba and dog walks and wanting to ride my bike.
Busy with meetings and committees and projects and events.
Busy with work. (did I mention that one?)
Busy getting prepared for an important trade show (14 days).
Busy trying to get a crap ton done before vacation (33 days).
Busy trying to find time to blog.  😉

Stupidly agreeing to new things. But working on getting rid of some others.

Going to bed at night spent. Sleeping soundly.

Good busy. Happy busy. But busy.

Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy.


Bus In Motion by Petr Kratochvil

( Me. This is me. In case you’re not getting it.)