I am so confused. So very confused.

I cannot find my 1-cup measuring cup. I have a set of four nesting cups and I even keep them on the stupid annoying ring so they all stay together. And I just went to put away the 1-cup cup that I used earlier when I was preparing dinner, and I noticed as I put it back on the stupid annoying ring that it was actually the ½-cup cup. Which makes no sense, because I haven’t used the measuring cups in days and there is nothing else in the dish drainer or the dishwasher and I have no clue where it is.

It also means that in my haste this afternoon, when I was throwing ingredients into the crockpot, I only used one cup of something instead of two.


Dinner….let’s figure that out first. I think if I throw in the other cup now, it’ll be ok. It’s still got at least an hour to go and instinct says it’s ok for this particular recipe. (Instinct. Ha! This is the first time I’ve ever made this, so we may be ordering pizza later. I already told Klondike we don’t have to eat it.)


Now. Where is the freakin’ cup?

I have no idea. I have looked in every logical place and some illogical ones.

Here’s what’s super annoying and weird.

I bought these measuring cups because I had a set I really, really liked, except after I moved into my house, I couldn’t find……


And to this day, I still haven’t found it.

I think maybe my ex kept it.

(I don’t really think that. But where the fuck is it?)

And now, another cup grows feet and takes a hike and AGAIN IT’S THE 1-CUP CUP?????


I know. I can use what I have to achieve one cup. But it’s kind of annoying to have TWO SETS BOTH MISSING THE SAME STUPID CUP!

I will keep looking. And I will buy another set if I have to, because I use the 1-cup cup a lot.

Wherever they are, I hope the missing ones are together, having some sort of party or something.

Because seriously. WTF????


Comments on: "Oh where, oh where has my measuring cup gone?" (6)

  1. hahaha the way you put it is hilarious. and don’t measuring cups and measuring spoons go missing at some point for everyone? I know its happened to me a couple times =) maybe they are all having a party together somewhere in the land of measuring… =)

  2. Kristin H said:

    You can have mine, except it has a crack in it so it’s only good for dry ingredients. See how I’m there for you? 🙂

  3. Joe Conrad said:

    I thought everyone knew this. Planned obsolescence is engineered into all nesting measuring cups. Obviously it is not necessary to do this with all of the cups in a set, but typically one and usually the 1-cup measure will spontaneously dissolve in your dishwasher. This boosts sales. Timing differs from manufacturer to manufacturer but all of them do this. That is why some sets will cost more than others. You can effectively extend the life of your set by hand washing, but eventually it will still dissolve in your sink water.

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