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Perv. WordPress suggests using attention-grabbing headlines. Worked, didn’t it? But you’ll see – it’s relevant.

This is going to be harder than I thought. Again, not writer’s block. I’ve finally stopped tweaking the shade of lavender, and even though I’m sure there’s a way to make the “W” at the top of the page bigger and more interesting looking, I’m reminded that this was supposed to be a writing endeavor, not a design project or a software lesson, and since I know how to write and post, I should stop fucking with the way the page looks. (Holy. Crap. That’s a long sentence.) (And oh yeah….in case you don’t really know me, I cuss. A lot. And if you don’t like it….fuck off. AHAHAHAHAAAA!!!) (Kidding. Kind of.)

So what, you may ask, is the problem? Exposure. Much like I started seeing the world in Facebook stati, blog topics are appearing everywhere around me. I am not at a loss for ideas. The challenge is getting beyond being quippy and revealing my gooey center. Today I considered and rejected a variety of hilarious topics (possible overstatement) that ended up being very personal. Duh, Wendy, that’s what blogging is. Apparently I just hadn’t thought about it. If I’m going to do this, clearly I need to grow some thicker skin. And then I can run for office, because I’ve always said I take things too personally to do that. Of course, I’ll have this blog out there rife with f-bombs, and no one will elect me. 😀

AND, anyone can read this, which means if I say something about my ex-husband, for example, he might read it. (He won’t. But still.) Not that I would. (Ok, I might.)

Or you might know my friends, so mayhaps I should use clever nicknames to make it harder for you to identify whom I’m talking about. Like if I talk about my friend Mourtney, that’ll protect her identity, right?

Anyway, it’s just a new set of considerations, which I hadn’t considered. I thought about establishing some ground rules. Things like: don’t tell ________ if I write about him/her/it. Yeah, that’s cheating. If I put it out there, it’s out there. I’ll work on that part – putting it out there. And hopefully this will be the last post about not actually writing a post. If that makes sense.

OMG. The things spell check wants to correct are awesome and hilarious. Apparently “Mourtney” isn’t actually a word.


Blogging, take 1

Friday night on the couch. Dinner plans canceled at the last minute. (Not one, but TWO boys down with some sort of digestive issues I really don’t want to know about. Boys, please note, chicks don’t need that kind of information. We already know you’re full of shit, enough said.)

I do love Friday night on the couch with the dog, but I was feeling a little restless, perhaps because I’ve already seen most of the episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” on tonight. (Shut up.) Surely there must be something I’ve been wanting to do for a while that there just hasn’t been time for. Let’s see. Holiday cards were mailed today. 1200 pictures were downloaded off the phone earlier this week. The book I’m reading is upstairs and surely I don’t want to go all the way up there to get it. OOH, I could start a blog!

I just decided this week that “write more” is going to be my new year’s resolution. Kristin (you’re just going to have to learn who the people are as we go along) sent me someone’s blog post this week about online dating because she thought I would get a kick out of it. My response to her was, “I could do better.” Her response to me: “Start a blog.” So here I am, with a free evening, laptop on my lap, ready to roll.

Except it’s not as simple as just write. First you have to decide what platform to use. Then you have to learn how to use the damn thing. And even more importantly, you have to decide what it’ll look like. Writer’s block is not going to hold me up nearly as much as choosing colors and fonts and photos and layout and and and. I seriously have to look at every theme. Twice. I am your worst nightmare in the paint department.

You also have to name your blog pretty much before you do anything else – even the previously mentioned consideration of eight million themes with endless color combinations. Perhaps most people already have this part figured out before plunging in. I am not most people, especially when it comes to having a plan. And it’s SO MUCH PRESSURE. It’s like naming a baby or something – ok, maybe not quite that extreme, but first impressions are important.

So here I am, three hours into this, and I am writing this in an email window because I still haven’t gotten to the part in the tutorial (yes, I’m a tutorial girl) that tells me how to actually post content. (I just split an infinitive. Ouch.) And I want to go to bed. Fortunately, I don’t HAVE to read the tutorial, always, so I figured out how to post it. Tomorrow I’ll be back to exploring every possible font option. But now, I bid you goodnight.