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Dear Clinique,

I wanted to share a little feedback about one of your products. The friendly woman who helped me with my most recent purchase accidentally gave me a tube of your high impact curling mascara instead of my usual high impact mascara. I did not notice until I began using it, but I figured that given the only apparent difference was the word curling, I could stand to have curly lashes for however long it would take me to use it. (Aside: why would people want curly lashes?)

I am sad to report that my lashes have not been noticeably curly. Oh wait. I’m not really sad about that part.

My issue has more to do with the fact that this shit is freakin’ impervious!!! What the hell is it? And why can’t I get it off my eyelashes?

I routinely end my day with (Clinique) eye makeup remover, (Clinique) soap, and (Clinique) astringent, but I am routinely finding mascara on my eyelashes (and other places) the next day. What the eff? I have not experienced this situation with your ordinary, non-curling, high impact mascara.

Here’s my question: can I get this in a bigger container? I’m thinking of using it to waterproof my basement. And maybe patch tires.