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Be daring!

I had the deodorant-breaking-into-a-million-pieces experience the other day, so I grabbed a new one from the closet.  And I just discovered that the scent of my deodorant is “daringly fresh”.

To which I say….WTF, Lady Speed Stick?

Daringly fresh????

Isn’t that the whole fucking point of deodorant? To smell fresh????

I would like to think it’s the status quo.

How about “appropriately fresh”?

Or “everlastingly fresh” – that might be a selling point for me.

I can even see “astonishingly fresh” – you won’t believe how long this shit keeps you smelling….um….FRESH.

But daringly? I double dog dare you to wear this deodorant?  Um. This makes no sense.

If your deodorant DOESN’T smell fresh, I’m not sure I’d call that a good idea, but it might be a daring marketing move: “Daringly damp”. Ew, yes, but more legit.

Clearly I am in the wrong line of work…..right?