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Under the Influence – #4

No inane introductory chat!  Figure it out or go back to the beginning.   😀

Song #4 is…..

Tusk –  Fleetwood Mac

I love this song. I don’t have a good story about this song. I don’t associate it with anything or anybody, I don’t know what it’s about, I’m not sure what the words are. I just really, really love it. I can listen to it over and over and over again, loudly – and I usually do.  It makes me want to learn to play the drums.

I like to use music to promote and/or enhance a good mood. If I’m already in a good mood, I enjoy music that I really love, music that makes me happy. If I’m not in a good mood, I chose to listen to happy songs to try to offset the mood, rather than finding something to wallow in. I’m not a wallower by nature. I have a playlist in my iTunes library called, amazingly enough, ‘’Happy’’. I was perusing it when I was trying to select my five songs to see if anything seemed like a good choice; Tusk is on it, and I was mulling it over as a selection, and I started thinking about the origin of my happy playlist.

A long time ago, boys and girls, back before iPods and playlists, before CDs even, we made mix tapes. My happy playlist is a direct descendent of a mix tape I made about twenty years ago called….’’happy mix’’.  I had broken up with a boyfriend (or rather, he had broken up with me) and I was bumming hard, and trying not to be. We had “’our song” and the damn thing was following me around – it seemed like it was constantly on the radio. So one day I said enough! I wanted to control my environment better than that, rather than being subjected to the whims of the radio. I made a tape of songs that didn’t make me think of anything that made me blue. And this technique has served me well for half my life now. So while contemplating my song choices, I went looking for the original tape. The handwritten song list was faded and hard to read, but there it was, on the very first happy tape I ever made: Tusk.

I loved it then. I love it now.

Who knew Stevie could twirl a baton? Must be the precursor to swishing her skirts to and fro.

This was a short one! See, not much story, just dig the song…and apparently I really do love marching band music, even when they’re from USC?