Ok, so something fun happened the other day. And a little odd, but mostly fun.

I got a package in the mail. I wasn’t expecting anything. The return address simply said, “shoe fan”. Hmm, curious.



Inside, I found a custom-printed card.

With a lovely, mysterious message.



And underneath the card I found this.



Which caused me to do this.



And then this.



But mostly just this.



Here it is in its new home.


Hoops & YoYo sure seem impressed by it.

I wish I could tell Shoe Fan


This will have to suffice. But know that you made my day with your funanigans. 😀


Comments on: "Who is shoe fan?(A story in pictures)" (3)

  1. Looks like a chair I once saw at Value City. But the best part is that my dining room is prominently featured.

  2. Huh. If no one steps up, I’ll take credit. You know, like terrorists do? Only with less terrorism.

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