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Things that annoy the crap out of me

  • People who slow down wayyyyyy too much for speed bumps. (As in, almost to a standstill.)
  • The french fries at Steak n’ Shake
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Raspberry seeds. Also, when I get obsessed trying to dislodge a raspberry seed, and I keep trying even when it’s long gone.
  • When I forget that my bra has a teeny, tiny hole in it that allows the underwire to stab me.
  • Anytime someone on a reality TV show references his/her “journey”. Unless it’s The Amazing Race, where they are, in fact, “traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time,” as in the actual definition of the word. Not when they are idiots going on fake dates or quasi-famous people learning to dance.
  • When I don’t throw away the bra with the teeny, tiny hole in it, putting it away to wear again someday.
  • People who treat Facebook like Twitter
  • Twitter
  • When autocorrect changes an ACTUAL WORD to another, no more superior, actual word. (Examples: gave/have, toes/ties, dog/dig)
  • That the laces on that one pair of cute black shoes won’t stay tied. It’s actually just the right shoe. WHY won’t it stay tied??
  • People who talk excessively about gluten.
  • People who are late for yoga on a regular basis.
  • My stupid flipper-shaped size 10.5 feet.
  • The fact that women’s shoes run in half sizes until you get to size 10, at which point they only come in whole sizes.
  • Nicki Minaj. I know. I already said that. But seriously.
  • That some passwords have to be no more than 8 characters long and some have to be at least 13 and some have to have special characters and some canNOT have special characters. How on earth are we supposed to remember which is which is which?
  • When people don’t turn on the turn signal until they’re already turning. It’s so I know you’re going to turn, not that you already are turning – I have eyes.
  • People who invade my space bubble.
  • People who say “wah lah” when they mean “voila”.
  • Couples who share a Facebook profile. Or an email address. Um, hi. Codependent much? THEY’RE FREE. Get your own, you lazy bastard. You’re married, not conjoined.

This list is by no means exhaustive. I’m confident I’ll think of five more things as soon as I hit “publish”. 😀   And I promise I’m not really a cranky bitch; I just needed to share.  (Plus, Nicki Minaj is dreadful and like nails on a chalkboard.)  What’s’ on YOUR list?


Sorry, wrong number

I got a text the other day from a number neither I nor Roger (my phone) recognized. Not local. And I could tell instantly that it was a wrong number, because I refuse to get on Twitter. I’ve never had an account, not even for a minute. (More on that another day.) The area code is Vermont. I don’t know anybody in Vermont.

After a while I decided to egg him on for a bit because the whole thing was so absurd, and seemed like it might be good blog fodder. From time to time I got some inspired assistance from various friends. Here’s a transcript of our entire “conversation” to date. I truly can’t tell if he knows we’re both speaking nonsense half the time, or if he’s….I don’t know what. Serious? I didn’t edit anything, including his typos. 😉 If there are no times listed, it was continuous back and forth.

3/30 5:47 pm
I haven’t seen you tweet lately!

Who is this?

Your only follower

Nope, I’m not on twitter.

My bad I thought you had something to say

3/31 11:01 am
I you’re in or near Columbus today, you’ll probably run into some delusional bucknut fans. Pay no attention.

3/31 11:54 am
Again, who is this??

3/31 12:15 pm
The obvious answer would be “me”.

3/31 1:04 pm
Or it could be some tool with a new Android trying to amuse or her self. Why don’t you leave Lamphier a message and ask if he lost his phone.

4/1 7:04 pm
If he lost his phone, how will he get my message?

4/2 12:40 am
Good point. Why don’t you call him on a land line and tell him to call me to get the message.

4/3 8:30 am
Get out there today and make another 95 pointer. Obviously the breed has a shortage of these rare beast.

(At this point I started soliciting input from friends, one of whom suggested I talk back in “lunatic” and provided the following response)

4/3 10:17 am
Better remain inside to guard the aluminum. The chicken seeks to uncover the cordless drill.


(Have I mentioned that my friends are hilarious?)

4/3 1:27 pm
Alu.inum futures @contracts down 15.03% during last 12 months but KFC still selling extra crispy @ $4.95.

(Input from another friend was to switch from “lunatic” to “Swedish Chef”.)

4/3 3:08 pm
Bork, bork, bork. First we take the chickey and hoopty schnoopty, plukey de feathers then we bork, bork in de pot.


4/3 4:04 pm
Amish drivel.


(Guess they don’t speak Swedish Chef in Vermont.)

4/3 5:22 pm
This morning before work, I was fidgeting with an hourglass. Recalling that a cardinal rule of physics is “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, I began wondering what the equal reaction was to the sand flowing to the bottom. It’s been bugging me all day. Any thoughts?

4/3 6:33 pm
Physics, schmysics.

4/3 7:11pm
Three stooges wannabe

Um, no. Not even a little bit.

Why the quote then, Curley?

Schm is my answer to everything.

So if I’m begging you to find another point in her, that’s what you say?

Wha ha?

The Reds have got some big bats this year, eh?

Bats schmats.

4/4 7:14am
It’s coming up on the one month anniversary of performance in Honeybrook. Do you think our friends in the black hats are done erecting the memorial statue?

4/4 12:38 pm
A patrol of honey badgers shall expose the infidels. Memorial acclamation follows the eastern star through its zenith.
Lucky numbers 30, 47, 29, 24, 28, 11

(The inspired fortune cookie was again compliments of a friend.)

4/4 5:28 pm
Why not donate a kidney to dying kangaroo because $250 won’t cover many of his traveling expenses to the kilt tailor?

4/5 5:33 pm
I’ve had a difficult day with other drivers on the road today…lots of not so nice thoughts. They seem to think I want to share the road with them. They are wrong. What are you driving nowadays?

4/6 11:06 am
Something fun. What did I drive in days of yore?

4/6 1:13 pm

4/6 7:06 pm
Yaks is where it’s at. Twice the protein and less than a fourth of the fat of beef. Get in now or be sorry later. Currently retails at $4 a pound.

Oh yeah….they’re the only bovine that grunts.

4/6 7:12 pm
Yak. It’s what’s for dinner.

4/6 7:44 pm
Mock me if you wish. We’ll see who laughing when McYak serves it one millionth burger.

4/8 10:43 pm
So I was wondering if you might tell me who you are.

4/9 7:09 am
I’m the guy (gender revealed) who spent all weekend thinking about yaks. The problem…the horns. So I’m thinking polled.

Maybe you’re still thinking Icelandid sheep. Go irish.

4/9 8:04 am
Ok, we’ll just call you Yakbag. Don’t text me early in the morning. It makes me pissy.


4/9 5:23 pm
Maybe we’ll just call you clueless. Yeah, that and scoring for Dick Dias.


4/10 6:38am
Too early?

Fortunately this one didn’t wake me. If someone texts me not long after I’ve fallen asleep or not long before I’m due to get up, it wakes me. If it’s in the middle of the night, I almost always sleep through. Fortunately, 6:38 is the middle of the night for me.

However, it seems that the time has come to disengage. Although if he sends me anything highly entertaining, chances are I’ll be compelled to share. For now…..so long, Vermont! It’s been….something!